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Weird Miracle Things - Chapter 12
"So, Ody," Dad asked as he munched on an apple Saturday morning, "your birthday's coming up."
Yes, Ody replied. What about it?
Mom sighed. "Warren, I still don't understand why you're that cheap brand of cereal for breakfast." Which was the same kind of cereal that she had had the other night of her tantrum.
"Well, I don't know why you would either." Dad winked at me and turned back to Ody. "For your birthday, is there anyone you would like to invite?"
My brother's eyes widened. You mean like a party?
"Sure, if that's what you want."
But... why?
Dad laughed. "'Why?' Why not? This is probably the last birthday you spend here before you're off and outta here to Duke."
"Warren!" Mom scolded. "Please don't say it that way."
It is fine, Ody signed. Dad is right. I can't wait, actually!
I smiled. "We'll miss you, Ody. Of course, that's still several months from now."
Mom sighed. "I miss you already, and you're right in fron
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H...APPY by Everlasting-River H...APPY :iconeverlasting-river:Everlasting-River 1 0 Erwyna by Everlasting-River Erwyna :iconeverlasting-river:Everlasting-River 1 0
Weird Miracle Things - Chapter 11
had several vivid dreams that night.
I was alone. I wasn't me, either. I was someone familiar, but at the moment, I couldn't figure out who. I tried to call out to someone, but my voice wouldn't work. Feeling strangely uncomfortable, I looked down and saw that I was bound to a wheelchair. Not just any wheelchair, but Ody's wheelchair.
In my dream, I was Ody.
Suddenly, I felt forces from all around me, from all directions. Pushing and shoving, pulling and yanking, and the worst part was I couldn't do a single thing about it. I simply shut my eyes and tried to block out the chaos, but it didn't work. Random things rushed past me as someone pushed me in my wheelchair, noises whistling behind me.
Loud sounds of cacophony that I absolutely hated thundered everywhere, ringing in my ears. I wanted to cover them, but my arms felt weak and tired. I could only sit. Sit and hope, hope and wait, for something or someone to come and rescue me.
There was a sudden echo that went out lou
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Weird Miracle Things - Chapter 10
"So boring-uh!" Delilah whined. She was sprawled on my bed, trying to get comfortable. I had invited her over to hang out that weekend, to do whatever for four hours. We had debated on prank-calling some of our classmates, but it seemed a little overrated.
"If you're so bored, why don't you help me with homework or something?" I joked.
She rolled her eyes. "I'm not that bored."
"Well, I did get a few things planned out for us to do, but no. You just have to reject every idea I come up with."
She sighed and flipped over for the thousandth time. "Little goody two-shoes," she huffed. "You're always so organized and planned out. I want to not be planned out for once. Just today."
"And look at where that's getting us," I said sarcastically, earning a pillow in the face.
I giggled. "Oh, Deli."
She glared.
I grinned. "McAlister's Deli. Jason's Deli."
She stomped over to where I sat on the floor, grabbed the pillow, and hit me fo
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Weird Miracle Things - Chapter 9
The next night, I awoke to a small sound. Sometime around four in the morning, I guess. There was no light in the hallway, but the unmistakable light footsteps of my mother tapping around. What was she doing? And she thought I'm supposed to be in bed...
I heard the sharp squeak of a wooden plank. Apparently she didn't hear it, because her footsteps continued to tap away. Soon, they faded. Part of me wanted to go back to sleep (which was almost every single part), but a small fraction really wanted to find something out for once.
I groggily sat up and tried rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. They adjusted to the darkness, and I tiptoed out of the bedroom, careful not to wake Ody. I closed the door gently and was about to go the way I heard my mom had headed when big footsteps came from the room down the hall―Dad.
"Anne?" I heard him whisper. "You there?" He walked out of the master bedroom and into the hallway, looking around, then he saw me.
"Hey, Dad,
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Weird Miracle Things - Chapter 8
It's been two days since Dad broke his foot. It's been healing pretty well, and he's on crutches. He'd started making a joke about Mom and I having to take care of two disabled people instead of one, which had made Mom pretty upset in Ody's defense. Delilah had gotten "mad" at me for not showing up at her birthday party, but she absolutely loved my present for her.
Rubbing my eyes, I piled my books on the wooden table in the school library. They were for a research project in social studies about the achievements of Rome. Unfortunately for me, I still didn't have a partner. We were allowed to choose someone outside our usual social studies class, as long as they have the same teacher. But Delilah paired up with a girl named Jezebel, so no luck for me.
I sat down and opened a textbook and my notebook. I began to look for some good information when a voice beside me interrupted my exceedingly important note-taking.
"Hey," Timothy whispered, "for once, we didn
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Weird Miracle Things - Chapter 7
" really are," the man whispered. The tragic romance movie had gotten a lot of people in the cinema crying, and the intense surround-sound music wasn't helping them.
Cassie leaned sideways and whispered to me, "You know, this movie is a lot worse than I thought it'd be. It's so melodramatic!"
"At least it's a better love story than Twilight," I joked, making her chuckle quietly.
About a boring thirty minutes later, her family and mine stepped outside in the moist air. Some people around us held umbrellas, even though it had stopped raining. I looked at Ody, and I immediately knew he was more nervous than ever. I smiled and nudged him.
"Well?" I whispered in his ear. "What are you waiting for? Our parents are busy right now!"
He glanced nervously at Cassie, who was looking around and fiddling with her hair. Ody nodded, so I pushed him over to her in his wheelchair.
"Hey, Cassie," I said. "I need to go use the restroom real quick. Can you keep an eye on Ody?
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H...appy - pencil by Everlasting-River H...appy - pencil :iconeverlasting-river:Everlasting-River 1 0 Concerned by Everlasting-River Concerned :iconeverlasting-river:Everlasting-River 3 0 Girl Thinking by Everlasting-River Girl Thinking :iconeverlasting-river:Everlasting-River 0 0 Downcast sketch by Everlasting-River Downcast sketch :iconeverlasting-river:Everlasting-River 2 3


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  • Angel Beats!
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  • Death Note
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  • Kimi no Na Wa
  • Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit
  • Noragami
  • Once Upon a Time
  • PJO/HoO
  • Red Queen series
  • Sword Art Online
  • Selection series
  • Sherlock
  • Sound! Euphonium
  • Studio Ghibli (is that a fandom?)
  • Tamako Love Story
  • TMI/TID/TDA/everything Cassandra Clare has written and everything she will write! (I'm definitely a Shadowhunter, obvs)
  • Young Elites series
  • Your Lie in April/Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
  • uh...?

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Not much to say. I'm a Christian, I love the color blue, and I love all the Fine Arts. That's pretty much all I can think of right now.


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